Worked with the ID Team to update their website and showcase their illustrator’s artistic talent.

+ expanded on existing template’s Javascript, CSS, and learned JSONT language

+ worked with client to translate design to code

+ negotiated contract rate and gave accurate estimates of work duration - github repo

Worked with client to provide them with a responsive, professional site

+ created with ruby on rails for scalability

+ configured mailgun service and used the mailform gem to create the contact form

+ created a customized bootstrap style focusing on readability for older clients - github repo

Queries and for concert listings

+ separate rails API backend and react.js frontend

+ utilizes redux, redux-thunk middleware, react-cookie, and react-router

+ postgres database to store rails model information and to be compliant with heroku’s database preference

+ deployed to heroku in a way that will avoid all CORS errors - github repo

Chiptune musicians can sign up, upload instruments and download other people's / for sharing ripped or original frequency modulation patches used in deflemask music tracker

+ deployed to Heroku with a postgres database

+ used the carrierwave gem and amazon S3 for file uploads

+ used nested routes in rails to facilitate organization of urls

+ used omniauth-twitter gem so users can sign in with twitter - github repo

Splash page for an electronic music project

+ created with the sinatra framework

+ postgres database stores email addresses

Pico8 Demo - github repo

Pico8 demo combines music programming, pixel art, and coding

+ uses the lua language

+ created within the pico8 editor

Top Demos Command Line Application - youtube video

Command line tool scrapes information from and displays the top demos of the month

+ uses ruby and the nokogiri gem to scrape - youtube video

Created for a philadelphia music festival

+ assembled designers and extra coders

Custom Control Voltage Sequencer

Modifies the behavior of a boutique guitar pedal

+ built on the arduino platform

+ modifies the the pulsewidth of a guitar synthesizer